Creation Rules

Character Creation

Character creation has been changed rather significantly. It is intended to model a fresh exalt, instead of one with time under their wing. Also I have removed the concept of bonus points entirely. You are instead receiving experience points to purchase your traits, utilizing the systems base rules for cost, which can also be found here: EXP Cost Changes.

The below table notes the exp you get in each category. A user may choose to not spend all their exp in a particular category if they wish, but must spend a minimum amount as noted. Any unspent exp can be spent in other areas or banked.

All purchases must be documented so your ST can recreate your character with your math. Keep tabs (preferably electronically). Special notes are listed below.

Attribute Points

  • All Attributes begin with 1 point within them. (Core Rule)

Ability Points

  • Choose 5 Favored Abilities. (Core Rule)
  • All Favored and Caste Abilities begin with 1 free point within them. Either through training or strange memories, you seem to understand these abilities naturally. If craft is a caste or favored skill, pick one type of craft (Fire, Earth, Water, Etc) for this free point to be invested into.


  • Specialties are now gained naturally through training. Please read the house rules on specialties for more information here Specialty Changes.


  • You receive 4 free Backgrounds at Character Creation. Essence and Artifact are no longer a background that can be purchased. No background may be higher than 3. All Characters may purchase equipment equal to their resources + 1 during creation. While you are limited monthly on purchases, you can start with up to 2 items at creation at your resource level, up to 8 at your level -1, or anything within reason at your level -2. Please note that other backgrounds, such as Allies, Contacts and Cults can also provide monetary benefits, although they are less assured and will not be expressed during character creation.
  • Hearthstones: You may attune to a single hearthstone to receive the benefit of its motes restored per hour without setting it within an Artifact. You gain no other benefits from a Hearthstone in this fashion.


  • Your character starts with 1 in each virtue and may distribute 5 points among them. No Virtue may be rated higher than 4 points at creation.
Trait EXP Minimum
Attributes 120 100
Abilities 60 50
Charms 50 30

Creation Rules

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